This training is required for all commercial, non-commercial, private, and commercial applicator technicians applying dicamba to non-dicamba crops, pasture and rangeland, or for burndown use. Applicators must complete this training on an annual basis and pass the required test.

This training is required for any applicator making new herbicide technology applications in the state of Arkansas. All commercial, non-commercial, private, and Commercial Applicator Technicians must take this training and pass the required test. 

The following online training is only for re-certification. That means you have had a private applicator license in the last five years. If you have never had a private applicator license or it has been over 5 years since you had one, you must contact a County Extension Office. They can provide the initial certification training required for first-timers or those that have let their license lapse more than 5 years. 

The $20 you pay for this online training applies only to your re-certification training. The online training gives you the full 5-year re-certification that you would receive if you attended a face-to-face meeting.

But, you must still complete the paperwork and pay for your license through the Arkansas State Plant Board. The license renewal form is mailed to you by the Plant Board one month before your license expires. If you have any questions about licensing, contact Ms. Dana McGinty at the Plant Board (501-225-1598). You can also download the private applicator license form here: 

After completing the online training you are eligible for either a 1 or 5-year private applicator license.