Welcome to our Online Childcare Courses!

All UAEX child care training programs are offered free of charge by the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service in partnership with the Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Education and the Professional Development Registry.

Listed below are the links to the different online child care training opportunities that are available.

The areas of emphasis include child development, health, nutrition, and resource management. 

For course guidelines, please select the appropriate link below.

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Guiding Children Successfully offers 30 hours of training each year.


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Best Care Connected offers five new lessons each year. Each lesson is 1 hour of credit. 

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Due to current technical difficulties entering attendance on the Professional Development Registry (PDR) website, please print or save all course completion certificates. No timeframe has been given for when these issues will be fixed.

For more information, contact PDR at (888)429-1585.

Reminder: Please see each course home page for course guidelines and requirements.